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Future of the MHM Gold nugget from central Victoria

Where to from here?

Cerussite, showing cyclic twinning, from the Black Star open cut, Mt Isa, Queensland.

Minerals Heritage Museum

Display location:
Queensland Museum
Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(Mezzanine Floor)

Display Hours:
Open daily from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Open ANZAC Day from 1.30 pm.

General admission: Free.

Our collection
Recent acquisitions
Collection highlights
The future

Our collection
Recent acquisitions
Collection highlights
The future

The trustees of the Minerals Heritage Museum would like nothing more than to have a dedicated and secure building to house and display our beautiful mineral collection. But we realise that this is not a realistic possibility in today's economic climate. We do not have regular funding, and so we must make the most of what we can from fundraisings and donations.

MHM pipedream!

Presently the collection is housed within the Queensland Museum at Southbank, but is not part of the QM collection. The QM provide an accessible, high-security environment for the collection. It is not a perfect solution, but it allows us to provide a great display venue to the public at little cost, and file a niche that the QM was lacking in.

However, there are no guarantees of ongoing tenure, nor room for expansion. To this end, we will continue to explore other possibilities for suitable display venues.

We continue to approach companies and individuals for donations in funds and specimens and to continue our growth and success and welcome any suggestions to our trustees to attain our goals. Contact the curator: mineral@gil.com.au

~ Preserving Australia's Mineral Heritage ~
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