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Recent acquisitions by the MHM Tanzanite, Africa

Some recent additions to the collection

Rare red beryls (variety  Bixbite) from Thomas Range Utah, USA.
Rare red beryls (variety Bixbite) from Thomas Range Utah, USA. Largest crystal 15mm, donated by Roger Staley. MHMRS #47, 48

Minerals Heritage Museum

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Open daily from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Open ANZAC Day from 1.30 pm.

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Our collection
Recent acquisitions
Collection highlights
The future

Our collection
Recent acquisitions
Collection highlights
The future

The museum is always on the lookout for specimens to add to, and enhance our collection. If we identify a specimen that is on the market, and meets our collection criteria that we sometimes make a special effort to raise funds to purchase the specimen. 

Often mineral dealers will reduce the purchase price knowing that it is going to the MHM for public display. Generous donors often purchase a specific specimen, knowing that it is one that we are keen to acquire. We are also approached by companies who recognise the heritage or scientific value of specimens and wish to have them preserved.

Recent acquisitions:

Fluorite - Rogerley  Mine, Weardale, UK
Fluorite - Rogerley Mine, Weardale, UK

Largest crystal 40mm. 210mm x 170mm. Private donation. MHM #148.
This fine fluorite specimen was donated by Sue Wearden in memory of her late husband Ted, who was also a keen member of the Mineralogical Society of Queensland. Ted grew up not far from where this specimen was mined in Weardale. Specimens from this mine are unusual in that they fluoresce bright blue in sunlight, but they appear green under artificial lighting.

Azurite - Malbunka Copper Mine, Northern Territory

Largest crystal 100mm. Purchased with MHM funds.
A magnificent large specimen of azurite "suns" from the Malbunka Copper Mine (Namatjira's Copper Prospect, Areyonga, Northern Territory. This 630mm long piece with nine "suns" to 100mm across, and weighing in at 18kg this is a wonderful new addition to our collection. We hope to have it on display in the near future. Mined by Dehne McLaughlin of Hobart, who also generously discounted the purchase price of this piece so as it could stay within Australia.

Calcite - Biggenden Mine, Queensland

350mm x 250mm. Donated by Ted and Thelma Barker
When Thelma Barker passed away, her husband Ted thought that a number of special pieces should reside in a museum for all to see, so he kindly donated this and a number of other of her special pieces. 
Epidote - Spriggs  Bore, Harts Range, Northern Territory.
Epidote - Spriggs Bore, Harts Range, Northern Territory.

Largest crystal 35mm. Specimen 120mm x 110mm Purchased with private donation. MHM #150.
Doug Rumsey from Longreach, Queensland, donated funds which we were able to use to purchase this fine epidote from Central Australia.

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