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Micro-mineral specimen of  millerite (crystals 1-2mm).
Micro-mineral specimen of millerite (crystals 1-2mm).

Minerals Heritage Museum

Display location:
Queensland Museum
Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(Mezzanine Floor)

Display Hours:
Open daily from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Open ANZAC Day from 1.30 pm.

General admission: Free.

Help us to grow
MHM donor list
How to donate

Help us to grow
MHM donor list
How to donate

The specimens and display cabinets that make up the majority of the assets of the Minerals Heritage Museum owe a lot to the generosity of a few.

When the museum was first mooted, there were no minerals, no assets and no venue. It was a vision (largely driven by the late Ron Young) to create a high class mineral museum that would educate the public on the beauty and heritage value of mineral specimens. In Queensland, the government, educational institutions and universities largely dropped the ball when it came to this task. Minerals and particularly mineral displays were no longer cool - we were perceived as being too staid and not interactive enough in today's environment.
Specimen of Wulfenite from the Red Cloud Mine, Arizona, USA, donated to the MHM under the Cultural Gifts Program (crystals 3-6mm). MHM specimen #81.

Little by little, we chipped away with mining companies, generous individuals and anyone interested to hear about our cause. We thank those persons and companies for their foresight and trust and our current display is a testament to this.

We value contributions of cash or specimens to our museum, as this is our lifeblood that continues to help us grow our collection and to make it more relevant to those people whom we would like to reach.

Our museum is recognised under the Federal Cultural Gifts Program and donations to our museum can be eligible for tax deductibility status if they meet the required criteria.

Check out those companies and individuals that have been generous donors to our museum.

If you would like to donate to our museum, here is some information that can assist you, including information on how tax incentives for Australia's public collections can be of benefit to you as well.

~ Preserving Australia's Mineral Heritage ~
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