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Mineral links to the World Wide Web Boulder opal from western Queensland

Mineral links to the World Wide Web

Cerussite, Broken Hill,  NSW (30cm) - Australia Museum Sydney.
Cerussite, Broken Hill, NSW (30cm) - Australia Museum Sydney.

Minerals Heritage Museum

Display location:
Queensland Museum
Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(Mezzanine Floor)

Display Hours:
Open daily from 9.30am - 5.00pm. Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Open ANZAC Day from 1.30 pm.

General admission: Free.


Map of Museum
display location

These are but a few of the many mineralogical websites that you can explore to find out more about minerals, crystals and gems in Australia.

Publicly accessible and wonderful displays of minerals are to be found in most capital cities, but unfortunately not Brisbane. This is one underlying reason that the Minerals Heritage Museum came into existence.

There are also links to sites that have information to help you to identify minerals by displaying photographic images and tables of the physical properties of minerals. However, there is really nothing like viewing great specimens in real life to appreciate their beauty and physical qualities.

Where else can I see mineral specimens within Australia?
Terrestrial - The Ted Elliott mineral collection - Georgetown, north Queensland
Run by the Etheridge Shire council this display has fine specimens put together by collector Ted Elliott OAM.
Australian Museum - Sydney, NSW
The oldest museum in Australia, it contains wonderful specimens from the earliest days of mining, including the world's best cerussite and large molybdenite specimens. It houses the Albert Chapman collection - perhaps Australia's finest mineral collection and display which includes great Broken Hill and Australian pieces.
Albert Kersten Mining and Mineral Museum - Broken Hill, western NSW
Contains rare Broken Hill minerals, historical displays and memorabilia. A very large silver nugget and the "Silver tree" sculpture are a highlight.
Australian Mineral and Fossil Museum - Bathurst. NSW
Located in central NSW historic town of Bathurst it showcases the Warren Somerville mineral and fossil collection. It has many fine Australian an overseas specimens put together over many years, as well as large fossil and dinosaur exhibits.
University of Wollongong - Wollongong, NSW
Howard Worner Collection - A comprehensive collection of about 1,000 mineral, rock and fossil specimens and 18 medals and awards donated by Professor Warner to the University of Wollongong.
The Museum of Victoria - Melbourne, Victoria
The MOV has recently opened a world class interactive geosciences exhibit, as well as displaying fine classic Australian and overseas specimens that have been assembled since 1854. It has especially large and fine crystal pieces on display including large gold nuggets.
South Australian Museum - Adelaide, South Australia
The museum houses a fine collection of Broken Hill minerals and a has an excellent educational display of fine quality historic and classic locality specimens.
The Western Australian Museum - Perth, Western Australia
The museum has an especially good collection of meteorites on display with many types well displayed and described.
West Coast Heritage Centre - Zeehan, western Tasmania incorporates the West Coast Pioneers' Museum. Displays include mining machinery and a great mineral display of west coast minerals such as crocoite and cerussite. Core of the collection is the Frank Mihajlowits collection put together by the ex-owner of the Adelaide Crocoite mine.
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery - Launceston, central Tasmania Excellent historical exhibits and Tasmanian mineral collection.
The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - Hobart, Tasmania The museum has recently been undergoing major renovations, but they have a fine collection of Tasmanian mineral specimens and interesting Antarctic mineral and meteorite displays.
Emmaville Mining Museum - Emmaville, NSW
A great mining and mineral museum in northern NSW that features many high quality local specimens of cassiterite, quartz and beryl. They also has a number of others pieces displayed from private collections.
The Crystal Kingdom - Coonabarabran, NSW
A privately run museum and gift shop located in central NSW. It has many large specimens of local minerals on display. The area was renowned for zeolites such as stilbite, stellarite and heulandite in the past.
The Crystal Caves - Atherton, Queensland
A privately run museum and gift shop located in north Queensland. It has a wonderful large amethyst geode on display.

Where can I find out more about minerals in Australia?
The Australian Mineral Collector website has links to mineralogical societies, lapidary clubs and gem and mineral shows. A seminar is held annually around Australia and details can be found here. There are links to the Australian Journal of Mineralogy.

Join a mineralogical society - download a member form for the Mineralogical Society of Queensland.

Steve Sorell publishes Crocoite.com, and the Australian and New Zealand Mineral Collector magazine and has a website full of information on ANZ mineral news.
Theo Kloprogge publishes MineralAtlas.com, a comprehesive library of minerals, microminerals and photographs, especially Australian species.
The largest mineral database on the internet is Mindat. This a huge resource of images, data and everything mineral. Truly an awesome website for mineral information across the globe.

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Australian Crystals and Minerals Facebook page. One of the largest groups with thousands of members

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